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Posted Thursday, 29th Sep 2016 by Tim Savage • Business Thinking

Important Meeting

You can send all the emails in the world.  You can Skype or even call people, but there is still nothing as good as actually meeting someone. When you shake someone by the hand for the first time or when you meet again, it cements that initial connection and makes it so much easier to start up a conversation.

I learnt a trick on a course from a guy who got himself upgraded on a plane nine times out of ten. He used verbal emphasis with key action words and physically made a connection between himself and the agent – by holding onto his passport or ticket as he handed it over whilst talking about being upgraded. I can’t reproduce what he did on this post but it was very powerful and it clearly worked!

The key point here though is that we communicate more with our body than with our voices and you can’t understand what people are saying, really saying, by email or via Skype. You have to see them – face to face.

That’s why all the best sales people work so hard for a face to face meeting – they sell the meeting first. They know that they have a much better chance of closing a deal in person.

Get it set up

So if that deal you’ve been struggling to get across the line hasn’t quite happened yet or that new venture hasn’t quite got off the ground, or that finance deal is still held up – set up a meeting. You communicate your passion and desire with your body language and tone and people respond in a way that makes it pretty clear what they think too.

It may not be what you want to hear but at least it will be clear and you won’t waste any more time on it if the answer is no!

Keeping in Touch

It’s also a great reason to physically see your key customers regularly. It’s very hard to stop buying from someone who makes an effort to see you and keep in touch!

That’s what friends do…

I met a load of people today at the conference in London. Friends, acquaintances and new acquaintances. I’d communicated with many of them via Facebook, but never actually met many of them.

It was strangely exciting to actually meet these people for the first time – I felt I knew them already, but actually seeing them face to face and shaking their hands definitely changed the relationship.

I’m not about to jump into bed with them – not literally at least!

But in business terms, I could well jump into bed with them in the future and it will be so much easier now that we’ve actually met.

Meet me sometime?

If you’ve never actually met me but perhaps would like to meet up one day – face to face – let me know and let’s see what we can do.

I go to Melksham and Basingstoke every month on business and I live in North Devon – if you’re close by, I’d love to meet you too!

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