Thanks for stopping by - I've stopped taking on new coaching clients for now

I'm working now as a commercial credit broker (FCA approved) with some amazing people.  I don't do the broking itself - I focus on the back end delivery of compliance, business support, staff training and the accounts!

Are you like John?

John appears to be wealthy and business looks good from the outside.  In reality, John's business is really slow right now.

Cashflow is a challenge and his debt is building up  

He took a payment holiday from the revenue for his VAT and Corporation Tax bills but he's still not got the money to pay them off. Refinancing his loans and paying his debts down is proving to be harder than he thought.

Getting decisions from his mainstream bank is proving too slow and he can't meet his short term needs.

Charles Edwardson can help you

We've helped dozens of businesses through this pandemic - refinancing their businesses, releasing capital and enabling them to survive and thrive.

If you'd like a chat with one of our brokers - drop me a email at or call me on 02381 044007 Check out our website:  

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