I’m currently reading Michelle Obama’s autobiography called “Becoming”.   It’s what I call a proper autobiography, written by the person, rather than ghost written.  It’s also deeply personal and tells the story of her childhood – where she came from and how her upbringing and roots have defined her.  I haven’t finished it yet but […]

Important Meeting You can send all the emails in the world.  You can Skype or even call people, but there is still nothing as good as actually meeting someone. When you shake someone by the hand for the first time or when you meet again, it cements that initial connection and makes it so much […]

Shiver me timbers and hoist the Jolly Roger. It’s “International Talk like a Pirate Day”! Prepare for some appalling pirate puns and fun. Are you walking the plank in your business? Is your business about to visit Davy Jones’ Locker? Do you need more pieces of eight or doubloons to be able to keep sailing? […]

Perception is everything sometimes… When you’re in the catering business, margin is really important. Teaming up with the right suppliers that give you a great price, but real quality products too makes all the difference. The difference in cost price between a Lidl style pizza and a brand named pizza served in a box is […]

We’re camping at the moment – until we find a house!  After eighteen months of travelling around the world, Tracey and me have decided to settle in North Devon.  It’s a fabulous part of the world and it means that I have officially become an apprentice beach bum!  Travelling gives you a new perspective on […]

Finally, after being here in Morzine for three months, I have seen my first great piece of target of sniper marketing. You know what I mean? A well crafted piece of marketing that talks only to your target market and which is only seen by your target market. And do you know what it was? […]

Your Transfer Driver is truly the unsung hero of the Alps and here’s why. I get it – I really do as a Transfer Driver myself. You’ve got up at 3am on a Saturday morning, woken up your children, dragged them kicking and screaming to your car or taxi, got to the airport, coped with […]

I think I may have discovered the key to my happy future – travelling and working at the same time!  We set off last December for Australia after selling the house and putting everything in store.  I retained a number of clients who wanted to continue to work with me via Skype and it worked […]

We were specifically asked by the Indigenous People not to climb Uluru.  In fact they say quite clearly “Please do not climb Uluru – it’s sacred to us”  So we didn’t and we signed the petition to say we didn’t climb Uluru and we’re very happy with that. Uluru Is A Sacred Place The simple […]

The missus (Tracey) and me have been on the road travelling for a little over two months now staying in a variety of hostels, campsites and family and friend’s houses. It’s fair to say that we’ve loved Australia, some parts more than others, but I thought it was time to review and reflect on what […]