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Posted Wednesday, 2nd Mar 2016 by Tim Savage • Business Thinking

Finally, after being here in Morzine for three months, I have seen my first great piece of target of sniper marketing. You know what I mean? A well crafted piece of marketing that talks only to your target market and which is only seen by your target market.

And do you know what it was? The god old fashioned leaflet drop. Yep – a leaflet. I can’t tell you how excited I got, which is a little sad because I saw it in the car park at the Ardent Lift when I returned to my car after a morning skiing. Well, sometimes a marketer is allowed to get a bit excited!  So what was it that got me excited, because let’s be honest, leaflets can be incredibly boring and rubbish?  Have a look at the leaflet below:

sniper marketing at its best

a really good example of a well written targeted leaflet – sniper marketing

So what makes this leaflet so good?

  • It’s got a great offer.  Basically, on the other side, it offered free delivery, a two for one deal and extras at low cost.  None of your rubbish 10% off stuff.  Remember this is Morzine – full of holiday makers who can’t be bothered to spend hours cook after a hard day’s skiing.  Most don’t have their own transport and after three nights on the lash, money is getting tight!
  • It has a deadline – tonight!  The offer was only on that day.  So – use it or lose it.
  • It’s clear, simple, well written and has some great features and benefits.

But the clincher, which is what got me so excited was that it was only put on cars with a UK registration number…my car was surrounded by four french plated cars – not one of which had a leaflet on it.  The next car to have one was four down from me – a UK plate again.

Why?  Because no self respecting Frenchman will ever buy food from a British food company, especially one that purports to offer ‘restaurant’ quality food.  Sad but true – snobbery wins every time!  So they haven’t wasted any money or time on targeting non Brits.  They absolutely know their target market and they are absolutely hitting their sweet spot.

( – The food is awesome by the way!)

Cost to them to print these leaflets – perhaps £50?  Cost to get them delivered to the car parks around Morzine – perhaps £30?  There are plenty of young seasonnaires who need extra cash.  That’s not many sales to make a return – five perhaps?  I reckon they will have done very well and lots of those leaflets will have been taken back to apartments and chalets and left hanging around for other to find at a later date.  You see, emails get deleted but interesting leaflets get kept and pinned to noticeboards and put in house folders.

Sometimes, it’s the really simple marketing ideas that work best of all.  I know plenty of businesses that should be using leaflets campaigns regularly in their business.  They are cheap, effective and can be very targeted – if you do them right and have a good delivery company.  Oh, and the leaflet itself must contain the following to be successful:

  • A great headline
  • A cool and compelling offer
  • A deadline
  • Benefits to taking up the offer now
  • Multiple ways to order – email. phone, website, text
  • A testimonial from a satisfied customer with a photo if possible

Why not carry out your own research on leaflets you see around the place?  Whether they come through your letterbox, are placed under your wipers, or handed to you in the street, don’t throw them away.  Learn from them  and understand what they got right and what they got wrong.  That way, when you come to write yours, you’ll know how to avoid many of the pitfalls that most leaflets fall into, which is why they’re not as successful as they could be.


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