I got quite emotional last night as Tracey and I sat on the wall next to The Sydney Opera House overlooking the grand harbour here in Sydney.  You see, it’s always been my dream to return to Australia one day with Tracey and here we were, on our first night in Sydney and it was […]

There’s a joke in Western Australia (WA) about the time it takes to get things done here.  It’s said that WA stands for ‘Wait Awhile’ and certainly the pace of life here is very different to UK.  Now governments can be excused, on occasion, for not rushing things – it’s preferable to get something right […]

You learn quickly when you’re on the road that you have to be pretty disciplined and have a certain amount of routine or you end up with no clean clothes, no food and nowhere to stay!  Travelling around the world is not quite the same as going on your average package tour holiday.  Most holidays […]

Travel bags – oh travel bags, why are there so many out there that clearly won’t do the job properly?  The truth is that the biggest  decision we have had to make since the last big one (which was actually to go travelling for two years!)has been our choice of travel bags… After researching what […]

When you decide to up sticks and go travelling the world for two years, you very quickly turn to the internet and the world of Google for expert travel advice. And guess what? Just as in most areas of life these days online, there are literally thousands of sites, blogs, free books and experts all passing […]

Picture the scene.  It’s a Friday morning in August and the week has not gone well.  The house sale is dragging and the house we want to buy is about to fall through.  Tim has been commuting from Barton Stacey in Hampshire to Solihull for 8 months now and living away from home during the […]

Many of us tonight will be gathering around large fires watching the ‘Guy’ being burnt some 408 years after Guy Fawkes was executed for High Treason.  That year in 1605, an Act of Parliament designated that the 5th November be remembered as a ‘day of thanksgiving’ for the ‘joyful day of deliverance’ celebrating the King’s escape […]

Social Media marketing is a waste of time unless….. You define clearly what exactly you want to achieve. If you don’t know what you are trying to achieve, then you’re just dicking around quite frankly and wasting your time and money. So on the basis that you have worked out what you want to achieve […]

There are times of the year when you really don’t want to be driving on the A303 to and from the West Country. It’s bad enough that it constantly goes from 2 lanes to one lane causing multiple queues along its length but the summer solstice and harvest time make the journey even worse! I […]

Four days after the recent MTV VMA Awards, the press is still full of comment and opinion about the performance of Miley Cyrus in her ‘nearly nude’ outfit and dance routine. As far as publicity goes, the act was a huge hit for Miley; pictures of Will Smith and his family looking ‘shocked’ in the […]