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Tm Savage - Business Coaching

Business Coaching with Tim Savage

Hi there, I’m Tim Savage.

If you’re a business owner and you’re not achieving the results you want in your business, the good news is that you’re in the right place.

Are you struggling to get your business to where you want it to be?

Do you know that you should and could be doing so much better than you are right now?

You’re not alone.

All over the country there are successful businesses, like yours perhaps, that are stagnating and declining because they’ve reached a plateau.  It’s almost as if someone, or something, is holding them back from achieving the success they feel they deserve.

No matter how hard they work, nothing seems to change.

The sad truth is that working harder is not the answer.  Sometimes, you need help.

  • Help to see the bigger picture.  
  • Help to understand what’s not working.  
  • Most importantly, actual hands on real help to make the right decisions, at the right time, to break out of the cycle of too much work for too little reward.

No-one ever went into business to work eighty hours a week.  I’ve never heard any business owner say, I’d like to work more hours that I do now!

I help businesses like yours to get moving again.  To see the opportunities that you may be missing because you’re just so busy you can’t see them.  It’s a lonely business sometimes being in business.  No-one to talk to who understands your problems.  No-one to share ideas with and get positive feedback.  

I’m an award-winning  Business Growth Coach who’s helped dozens of small businesses to grow over the past five years and I’ve got testimonials galore to prove it.

I don’t do fluff – I help people to take action – real action, that will get their businesses back on track and heading in the direction they want it to go. It’s Business Coaching with the emphasis on doing – not talking

You can work with me in two ways:

Ask one of my Private Clients, working on a one to one basis.

As a member of my exclusive Savage Tribe Coaching Group.  A maximum of 12 committed business owners who meet up once a month for a long afternoon session and supper afterwards – on me!

Here’s the real deal though and this is not one of those bullshit,  “I only have a limited number of spots available” pitches.

I really do only work with a maximum of four Private Clients at any one time.

I really do only have one Coaching Group for a maximum of 12 people.

Tim Savage - Business Coaching

my BIG reason why – Tracey my wife of 29 years!

See the picture on the right here?  That’s me and my wife Tracey.  We work to live – not the other way around.  We travelled the world for nearly two years recently having sold our house and out everything into store.  I still worked with a number of my clients via Skype whilst I was away.  I even travelled back to UK occasionally to see them too when we were in Europe.

We made a decision that we would do all we could to continue to have fun and make the mom of our time on this earth.  I help my clients do the same!  All work and no play makes for very unhappy people…

One of our other decisions was that I would only work part time and use the rest of my time to train as an Apprentice Beach Bum!  So my work time is precious – but limited.

I give maximum value and effort to those with whom I work but I limit the numbers so I can still have fun too.  That means we’ve got to hit it off.

Want to have a chat about becoming one of my small number of clients or joining my Savage Tribe Coaching Group?

Drop me an email to: or connect with me on LinkedIn here, or like my Facebook Page here and message me.

I promise you this – if we start working together, you’ll start to get stuff done, quickly.  We will put together a clear plan for where your business is heading and make sue it happens.  And it’ll be fun!

Go on – get in touch and let’s have a chat.

"I simply needed help making some tough decisions"

"I got to a position with my growing business where I simply needed help making some tough decisions, marketing and prioritising the long list of things to do! I've found just what every ambitious small business owner needs in the Entrepreneurs Circle and our local Business Growth Advisor Tim Savage. I now have no excuses; I've got everything I need for success from technical support to simple encouragement! Tim really knows his stuff and the results are starting to show already!"

Mitch Lloyd Director Petra Jewellery Ltd
""infectious energy and enthusiasm...""

"Tim's infectious energy and enthusiasm gives you an incredible boost when tackling the blockers in your business. Thanks to Tim and the Entrepreneur's Circle, I've taken a completely different perspective of my business which has so far helped me to double profit and revenue within just a few months!"

Dan Harrison Director and Lead Developer Squeeze Page Toolkit
""a wealth of experience in marketing and business""

"Tim has a wealth of experience in marketing and business. He always presents great information and energetically tries to help others with clear direction. He reviewed my website and gave me so many areas to improve that I was initially blind to."

Steve Welsh, The Naked Marketeer Director Steve Welsh Social Media Ltd
""source of advice, energy and inspiration""

"As my local Business Growth Advisor, Tim is an excellent source of advice, energy and inspiration. His monthly meetings are always excellent, full of energy and I always leave with some useful nuggets to apply to my business.

As part of the whole Entrepreneurs Circle, I have found these meetings invaluable and I attend them every month without fail! I would recommend that any small local businesses should join up and come and learn how they could improve their business. I would also recommend having a 1-2-1 with Tim, it is great to have someone else look at your business with fresh eyes and he has certainly given us a few ideas to help move the business forward"

Michael Barrett Operations and Engineering Director Nexus (GB) Ltd
".."innovate a straightforward solution..""

"I really valued Tim’s support. He is able to integrate himself with the team very quickly, understand the challenge and the required outcome and innovate a straight forward solution. But that’s not it – unlike most consultants he can get amongst it and lead an efficient implementation."

Adrian Went Managing Director Griffon Hoverwork Ltd

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